About Us

About us...

Hempstead Boys & Girls Club has a goal to strengthen and empower youth and their families with culturally sensitive educational and recreational activities that foster personal growth and self improvement.  
 As Hempstead Boys & Girls Club marks their 20th year, we continue on our journey to positively impact the lives of the youth of Hempstead. We are committed to this work in order to increase student academic achievement, reduce violence in our neighborhoods, and provide needed services to the citizens of the village of Hempstead.  
We are dedicated to providing our members with the skills they need to achieve their goals and be a part of building a better tomorrow.

Core Services

The Hempstead Boys & Girls Club supports the children, youth, young adults and families of Hempstead with an environment of hope. We believe that the potential for greatness lives inside every young person in Hempstead. We help them overcome environmental and economic challenges and empower them to rise above the statistics of crisis and circumstance to realize their individual potential.

Our committed and caring professionals and volunteers introduce the children, youth, young adults and families of Hempstead to positive, uplifting experiences they may never have seen before and show them how they can help build a better world for themselves and their community. We provide safe havens for learning and living. Our academic enrichment, workforce training and life-skills programs challenge, excite and inspire this next generation and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. We mentor them in the leadership skills they need to become self-motivated, self directed and self-sufficient. Through the generous, caring support of our individual, community, foundation and corporate sponsors and donors, we are able to help the children, youth, young adults and families of Hempstead uncover their individual strengths and paths to greatness through the programs and services including:

• Educations & Career Services
• Health & Life Skills
• Character & leadership Development
• Sports & Fitness

At the Hempstead Boys & Girls Club, we focus on Hempstead youth who are at hope for their future!

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